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Did you know that 52% of Australians are avoiding their healthcare during COVID-19?

This could lead to increased impact of disease, reduced productivity, and poorer quality of life.

Source: Consumer Health Forum Survey 2020

Who are we

The Continuity of Care Collaboration (CCC) is a unique and first of its kind communication collaboration of over 35 Peak Bodies, Industry and Healthcare Organisations coming together to stress the importance for people to continue with monitoring their health status and conditions to ensure optimal long term health outcomes are achieved.

Why we care about your healthcare

The CCC is advocating for people to continue with their health management during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to communicate consistently the importance of looking after your health, whether that is managing a chronic health condition, getting preventative screening tests or pathology tests, or seeking immediate treatment and care if you have urgent and/or new symptoms.


Our objective for the #DontWaitMate campaign is to help people, patients and carers in Australia feel safe to continue to go and see their doctor, nurse, pharmacist, allied health professional and dentist, and to also not put of tests such as blood tests, cancer screening or x-rays and scans.


Your health is our priority. There are measures in place to help people feel safe to access their health care needs remotely, such as Telehealth, e-prescribing of medicines, home delivery of medicines. If people do need to physically go to a clinic or hospital, personal protective equipment, regular cleaning and distancing measures are all in place – it is all about patient safety.

#DontWaitMate on socials

Social media is one of the best ways to reach friends, family and networks. By sharing a #DontWaitMate post you could help save someone’s life! 

Personal stories are powerful and can help drive someone to think about their healthcare needs too. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #DontWaitMate . You can post a text post, take a selfie or even create your own video.

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A person getting their healthcare needs sorted with the healthcare professional wearing PPE for COVID-19 to protect the patient and them in delivering essential care needs

Our goals


Encouraging people to maintain their ongoing health care, tests and medicines.


What health checks did you miss during COVID-19? – don’t leave it too late - #dontwaitmate


We all have a responsibility to keep our communities safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Examples of essential care

Our CCC members are focused on the following areas for Australians healthcare needs.


Chronic Disease Management

Adherence to Medicines

Cancer Screening

Acute Care

Mental Health

Clinical Trials

X-Rays and Scans


Dentistry/Oral Care

For Your Health

Get informed and involved

Click a resource which most interests you to find out more.

Remember, taking any action – no matter how small – can help make a difference to the long-term health of all Australians. Together with your help we can ensure Australians get the healthcare they need.

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Get in touch!

If you would like to learn more about the CCC or how to join, please get in touch. We would also love to work with you to spread the #DontWaitMate message – so don’t wait mate – contact us now!

For more informration contact John Emmerson 0448 493 146

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